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KASTOflex U - Edition „More Efficiency“

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Semi-Automatic Circular Saw for High Performance Demand

Only here in the KASTOshop: Brand new, directly from the manufacturer, with original KASTO service, at the best price!

Universal, precise and fast, the semi-automatic circular saw for high performance demand in workshop and factory, mainly for cutting of profiles, tubes and solids, both with 90° cuts and with miter cuts on both sides.


  • Machine Tool Table
  • Saw Unit
  • Rotating Table
  • Constant Saw Feed
  • Workpiece Stop
  • Material Clamping
  • Device for Mounting of Saw Blade and Clamping of Saw Blade
  • Cleaning of the Saw Blade
  • Removal of Chips

Included optional equipment

  • Hydraulic horizontal vise
  • Micro-spray lubrication system
  • Clamping power regulation

    Scope of Supply

    • KASTOflex U including the described standard equipment
    • Standard cutting speeds 39.36/78.72’/min (12/24 m/min)
    • Pin chip remover
    • Solid steel saw blade Ø 400 x 4, 92 teeth
    • Integrated coolant tank with coolant pump
    • Flange for mounting of saw blade with integrated central fastening screw
    • Removable chip tub with sieve
    • Complete set of tools for saw blade change
    • Instruction manual according to the EU Machinery Directive and EN 82079

      We will be pleased to advise you individually if you require equipment which is not sold through the KASTOshop.

      Technical Data

      Cutting range

      Cutting range 90° round Ø 5.91 in. (150 mm)
      Cutting range 90° flat (W x H) 13.78 x 0.98 in. (350 x 25 mm)
      Cutting range 90° square (W x H) 5.51 x 5.51 in. (140 x 140 mm)
      Cutting range 45° round Ø 5.71 in. (145 mm)
      Cutting range 45° flat (W x H) 11.02 x 1.18 in. (280 x 30 mm)
      Cutting range 45° square (W x H) 4.72 x 4.72 in. (120 x 120 mm)
      Cutting range 60° round Ø 5.51 in. (140 mm)
      Cutting range 60° flat (W x H) 6.69 x 1.97 in. (170 x 50 mm)
      Cutting range 60° square (W x H) 4.33 x 4.33 in. (110 x 110 mm)
      Minimum material height with flat material 0.39 in. (10 mm)

      Dimensions and weight

      Length x Width
      70.67 x 55.12 in (1795 x 1400 mm)
      Height 74.80 in. (1900 mm)
      Material support height 41.34 in. (1050 mm)
      Weight of machine 2970 lbs. (1350 kg)

      Performance characteristics

      Total connected load 8.04/10.72 HP (6/8 kW)
      Connected load of coolant pump 0.13 HP (0.1 kW)
      Pole changing saw drive 1.88/2.95 HP (1.4/2.2 kW)
      Pole changing cutting speed 39.36/78.72 ft./min (12/24 m/min)
      Saw feed speed range 0.39 – 20.47”/min (10 – 520 mm/min)
      Rapid return of the saw blade 78.74 in./min (2000 mm/min)
      Max. clamping power of vertical vise 5060 lbs. (23000 N)
      Diameter of saw blade, special flange: option Ø 13.78 in. (350 mm)
      Reception boring according to DIN 8576 1.57/.16 x .43/2.48 in.(40/4 x 11/63 mm)
      Diameter of saw blade Ø 15.75” (400 mm), Ø 17.72 in. (450 mm)
      Reception boring according to DIN 8576 with intermediate ring 1.97/.16 x .55/3.15 in. (50/4 x 14/80 mm)


      More details

      Details equipment

      Machine Tool Table

      • Robust weldment without distortion, chips are falling into chip container, big access door for saw blade change.

      Saw Unit

      • Mounted below the rotating table, four-stage helical cylindrical gearing with hardened and ground toothed wheels, running in an oil bath. Direct drive via pole-changing three-phase motor.

      Rotating Table

      • Swivelling range 180°, manual angle adjustment by vernier scale.
      • Fixed stops for 90° and 45° right/left, further stops on request.
      • Easy rotational movement by means of four-point complete roller bearing.

      Constant Saw Feed

      • Infinitely variable constant feed with hydraulic control
      • no change of saw blade (no set-up times) in mixed operation (profiles/solids)
      • reduced storing of different saw blades
      • longer blade life by reason of constant chip removal when cutting profiles or solids

      Workpiece Stop

      • Immobile and in ideal position with regard to the center of motion of the saw blade
      • the stop plates don’t need to be adjusted with cutting angle up to 60° on both sides

      Material Clamping

      • Quick clamping of workpiece by key button with hydraulic long-/short stroke vertical vise.
      • At the same time, a hydraulic horizontal vise can be used.

      Device for Mounting of Saw Blade and Clamping of Saw Blade

      • KASTO standard flange with central fastening screw according to DIN standard device 50/80/4 x 14.
      • By unscrewing the central screw, the saw blade flange is pulled off at the same time. With this flange, saw blades with 15.75” (400 mm) and 16.73” (425 mm) Ø can be clamped.

      Cleaning of the Saw Blade

      By pin or chip removal brush

      • Removal of Chips
      • By chip drawer

      Details optional equipment

      Hydraulic horizontal vise

      • for additional material clamping on the left and/or right of the saw blade

      Micro-spray lubrication system

      for liquid cooling lubricants, with automatic monitoring. Recommended for cutting tubes and profiles. The standard flood coolant device remains unchanged. Incl. 0.79 gal (3 l) cooling lubricant. Working pressure at least 73 PSI (5 bar). Waterless and dustless air supply by customer.

      • Clamping power regulation
      • by means of handwheel with with reading at pressure gauge

      Bases of the quotation

      Electrical equipment:In accordance with DIN EN 60204. Supply voltage 440 Volt, 60 Hz. Control voltage 24 Volt, DC. Upon request other voltages at additional cost.

      Type of mains: TN mains according to IEC 364/VDE 0100

      Protective measures against indirect contact: Over-current protector (zero balancing).

      The mains supply of the operator (size and characteristic of the main fuse selected as well as the total impedance of PE and outer conductor in the supply line to the machine) has to be designed in such a way that the permissible shut-down time in the event of an error is not exceeded.

      The use of a differential current switch in the mains in coming supply is not permitted.

      Safety requirements: The offered machine corresponds with the valid safety requirements according to the machinery directive 2006/42/CE

      Delivery terms: Possibly valid company’s own operating material regulations have not been taken into consideration when working out the offer, unless they are specifically mentioned in the quotation. The machine will be equipped with proven components selected by KASTO. If you insist on the observance of your operating material regulations we kindly ask you to make these regulations available to us for working out the appropriate offer. After placing the order, any specifications can no longer be considered. This is also valid for so called fire protection regulations.


      This sawing machine is particularly suitable for normally machinable structural steels and aluminum in round, flat and square form. Materials that are difficult to machine and plastics are only suitable to a limited extent. Occasional use in single-shift workshop operation is envisaged. The specified cutting ranges and performance characteristics must be observed. The use of uneven, twisted or burred starting material can severely impair the cutting accuracy. For more detailed information on the correct use of the machine, please refer to the operating instructions. Disregarding this area of application and/or General Terms and Conditions can lead to the warranty claims becoming void.


      According to FCA (Incoterms 2020)

      In case help is required for shipment please contact us after placing the order at: