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KASTOmicut A 2.6 - Edition „More Production“

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New machine KASTOmicut A 2.6 in the KASTOshop Edition More Production

Fully-automatic swivelling frame bandsaw.

Only here in the KASTOshop: Brand new, directly from the manufacturer, with original KASTO service, at the best price!

Fully hydraulic high-performance automatic band sawing machine of solid construction designed for the rough use in workshops and capable to perform any cutting-to-length or miter cutting tasks in the case of tubes, sections and solid material. In addition to straight cuts, miters can be cut flexibly and quickly by adjusting the saw head easily to the left by 45° and to the right by 60°. The miter angle is adjusted quickly via an easy to read scale. Straight and miter cuts up to +45° to the right are carried out in automatic operation, cuts from -45° to the left and up to +60° to the right are carried out in semi-automatic operation. The infinitely adjustable cutting speed and the fully hydraulic, infinitely adjustable cutting feed allow a sensitive and blade-saving cutting.

The standard SmartControl offers the optimum operation of the machine. Easy and clearly arranged job entry via job wizard. After making the desired number of cuts, the machine shuts off automatically. By reducing set-up times to a minimum, maximum cutting performances are achieved in automatic mode. The precise drive via ball bearing spindle in material feed guarantees an accurate material length positioning.

Due to this standard equipment, economic working processes are achieved when cutting individual pieces, smaller and average lot sizes and large series.

  • Machine Base
  • Hydraulic System
  • Coolant System
  • Saw Unit (Saw Frame)
  • Saw Blade Guide
  • Saw Blade Tension
  • Inclined Saw Head
  • Miter Cutting without Length Correction
  • Material Clamping
  • Material Support (Cutting Rail)
  • Material Feeding
  • Automatic, Numerically Controlled Material Feed
  • Clearance Stroke System for Material
  • Cutting Height Detection via Material Sensor
  • Material Outfeed
  • Machine Enclosure according to the latest CE Criteria
  • Operation
  • KASTO Control for Sawing Machines SmartControl

Included optional equipment:
  • LED machine lamp
  • Linear laser
  • KASTO chip conveyor, space-saving chip removal
  • Micro-spray lubrication system
  • Clamping power regulation
  • Safety device outfeed side for +45° in automatic operation
          Equipment details and scope of supply


          • Machine Base
            • The machine base is an enclosed, torsion-free welded construction. The user-friendly support height of 950 mm and the ergonomic design ensure an ideal upright working position and allow an easy chip removal. The possibility of easy machine transport using lift truck or forklift truck is given.

          • Hydraulic System
            • Compact system in block construction, removable, integrated into machine base and easy to access and check from outside. In that way, maintenance time for oil-level control and exchange of filter can be minimized.

          • Coolant System
            • The coolant tank with a volume of 55 l is easily accessible for cleaning purposes. The integrated coolant pump has a capacity of 16 l/min. Coolant supply through two nozzles with flow control valve at the blade guides directly to the tool. An optional coolant hose facilitates cleaning of the machine.

          • Saw Unit (Saw Frame)
            • Cast construction without distortion and optimized against vibration, with backlash-free pivot bearing for low-vibration and precise cutting of profiles and solid material. In conjunction with the integrated powerful spur gear and a frequency regulated 1.5 kW saw drive with overload monitoring, a consistently high cutting force is achieved. Including standard saw blade breakage protection and monitoring of minimum speed (SpeedControl).

          • Saw Blade Guide
            • Lateral guiding by mechanically pretensioned carbide slideways, with clearance stroke system for fast exchange of saw blade. Back guiding by rollers.

          • Saw Blade Tension
            • Infinitely variable via ratchet. A stop ensures that the maximum permissible blade tension is not exceeded.

          • Inclined Saw Head
            • Cutting through with a saw blade that rises towards the material guide edge and in cutting direction. This reduces formation of burr and saves the saw blade.

          • Miter Cutting without Length Correction
            • The “ideal” center of rotation of the saw unit is at the point of intersection of the saw blade and the material supporting edge. This ensures accurate cut-off lengths. The miter angle is set via the clearly readable angular scale. The miter positions -45°, 90°, +45° and +60° can quickly be preset by means of fixed stops. A clamping lever fixes the miter position.

          • Material Clamping
            • The hydraulically actuated horizontal vices enable an optimum work piece clamping and cutting of short remnants. The horizontal vices that are extending over the entire cutting width allow comfortable and quick clamping of the material. Thus, manual presetting to the material width is not necessary. An integrated button automatically detects the material end. A clamping pressure monitoring in both vices ensures safe material clamping.

          • Material Support (Cutting Rail)
            • Miter adjustment is independent of the material weight. The simple cutting rail supports the material very close to the cutting slot and avoids formation of burr when cutting through.

          • Material Feeding
            • By a continuous roller conveyor, integrated into the machine, with 8 transport rollers, Ø 1.42 in (36 mm), distances between roller centers approx. 0.20 x 3.15 in (5 x 80 mm), 0.08 x 4.72 in (2 x 120 mm), including inlay sheets for machine roller conveyor.

          • Automatic, Numerically Controlled Material Feed
            • Material feed via pendulum bearing feed gripper system with servomotor and ball bearing spindle. Material feed length up to 19.69 in (500 mm) per stroke, standard multiple stroke up to 393.66 in (9999 mm). Short cut lengths up to 9.65 in (245 mm) are achieved by an incremental feed which guarantees a high repeating accuracy of cutting length and reduces the auxiliary times during automatic operation.

          • Clearance Stroke System for Material
            • After a cut has been finished in automatic cycle the clamped material to be cut is retracted on the infeed side by approx. 0.08 in (2 mm) from the saw blade by means of the material feed (to prolong blade life).

          • Cutting Height Detection via Material Sensor
            • The saw head lowers in rapid motion to the material height after switching on, the material sensor switches automatically to the preset feed speed, the cut is performed. After the cut, the saw head lifts automatically to the starting position

          • Material Outfeed
            • Via standard slide. Transfer height and container height max. 27.56 in (700 mm) in conjunction with the slide. A connection of the material supporting rail to a roller conveyor can be supplied as an option. The standard outfeed slide is consequently no longer included in the scope of supply. Transfer height 37.40 in (950 mm), max. container height 35.43 in (900 mm). The material outfeed side meets the effective European and international safety standards. A safety inspection of the complete machine has been performed by the German Professional Association and the French Apave.

          • Machine Enclosure according to the latest CE Criteria
            • The KASTOmicut A 2.6 is equipped with an innovative enclosure (combination of light curtain and protective fence) that achieves a high degree of safety and cleanliness with best accessibility on the material infeed and outfeed side.

          • Operation
            • The operating elements are arranged ergonomically and centrally at the face side at a swiveling control panel. Both the safe set-up operation (two-hand operation) on the infeed side and the check of the cut-off pieces on the outfeed side can be done in a time-saving way from the control point.

            Included optional equipment:

            • LED machine lamp
            • Linear laser
              • For projecting the cutting line at the work piece

            • KASTO chip conveyor, space-saving chip removal
              • Consisting of a flat chip conveyor (installed in the machine), ejection height 450 mm, including coolant recirculation

            • Micro-spray lubrication system
              • As alternative to the standard flood coolant system we recommend the KASTO micro-spray lubrication system for cutting of tubes and profiles. The air- and lubrication volume are separately adjustable to guarantee an economic cutting operation. Filling capacity: 1.2 l, incl. first filling, working pressure at least 6 bar for connection to the customer’s air supply. The standard flood coolant device remains unchanged.

            • Clamping power regulation
              • By means of handwheel with reading at pressure gauge
            • Safety device outfeed side for +45° in automatic operation

              • Additional safety device on the outfeed side to avoid an intervention into the danger zone. Necessary only for fully automatic miter cuts +45° on the right.

            KASTO Control for Sawing Machines SmartControl


            • Industrial personal computer, fanless, no movable components
            • Robust metal casing, front sheet made of aluminum
            • Resistive touch screen
            • TFT color screen 4.3”, WQVGA, color depth 16 bit
            • Seamless front foil
            • Protection category front panel IP65


            • 1 x Ethernet (10/100 Mbit)
            • 2 x USB Master
            • 1 x CANopen (interface for connection of decentralized peripheral devices)
            • 1 x serial RS232


            • Operating system Windows CE 6.0
            • Soft-PLC (programming language Step7®)

            Decentralized peripheral devices

            • Input/output module(s) with 16 digital inputs and outputs each as well as one analogue input and output. Display of signal condition via LED.
            • Connection of input/output modules and drive control system via standard field bus CANopen

            Program function

            • Visualization:
              • Ergonomic, shop-floor-oriented operation via color touch panel
              • Operation based on the standardized user interface and the uniform operation philosophy of all KASTO controls
              • Clear separation between navigation and function
              • Fast access via status bar
              • Title of the current operation page in clear text
              • Operator guidance by means of operating advices, e.g. changeover of operation categories, tool exchange etc.
              • Online change of language
              • Change of units metric/imperial
              • Change of material table (EN, AISI, JIS)
              • Display of axis for service purposes
              • Display of current warnings/disturbances
              • Fast access to history of warnings and disturbances with detailed information in clear text via status bar
            • Job entry:
              • Easy and clear job entry via job wizard
              • Display of current wizard position in clear text
              • Simple and understandable symbols
              • Selection of material quality (solid square, thick-walled square tube, thin-walled square tube, solid round, thick-walled round tube, thin-walled round tube) via graphic symbols
              • Pre-selection of technology data (cutting speed, saw feed) by means of direct entry or selection in the material table
              • Material table with assignment of exemplary materials to the proposed technology data and integrated filter function for fast access. Material table is editable.
            • Job management:
              • It is easy to save the latest job data incl. technology data
              • Saving under alphanumeric job number, e.g. drawing number, part number
              • Easy selection and recall of saved orders via order number
              • Integrated filter function for fast access
            • Tool management:
              • Easy entry of tool data
              • Tool monitoring concerning blade life or cutting surface
              • Indication of blade life
              • Entry of tooth pitch for the calculation of the optimum saw feed
              • Selection of a general reduction or increase of the nominal values for cutting speed and saw feed via slide control
            • Types to start:
              • “Automatic start”: Put the material manually to the cutting position and start cutting job.
              • “Manual zero positioning start”: Put the leading edge of the material to any position in the outfeed vice. Measure the distance between the leading edge of the material and the saw blade and enter this value in the control system. Start the cutting job. Correcting measures for the cut-off length of the first cut-off piece are calculated by the control system. The first cut-off piece without trim cut is positioned automatically to the cut-off length.
              • “Start individual cut”: Move the material manually to the cutting position and start the individual cut. Job entry is not necessary. As an option, a correcting value for the cut-off length can be entered.
              • “Automatic start for remnants”: same as “automatic start”, but the material is not clamped anew in the infeed vice.
              • “Manual zero positioning start for remnants”: same as “manual zero positioning start”, but the material is not clamped anew in the infeed vice.
            • Process visualization:
              • Clearly arranged display of the job in process
              • Override function for blade speed and saw feed speed
              • Number of pieces and length can be changed during the running job
              • Further jobs can be entered during automatic operation
              • Display of automatic single correction values for cutting speed and saw feed
            • Operation-hour counter, statistic functions:
              • Operation-hour counter for “Machine ON” and “Saw motor ON”.
              • Further operation-hour counter “Saw motor ON” resettable.
              • Display of current cutting times: “Time per cut“ and “Cycle time“
              • Pre-calculation and display of current job end time
              • Piece counter total and piece counter resettable
            • Special functions:
              • Automatic adaptation of technology data, e.g. by cut-in process for new tools, consideration of tooth pitch, BandControl (with safety package) etc.
              • KASTO optimization for remnants
              • If the material ends in the ongoing cutting job, the length of the existing remnant is measured and it is checked if cutting jobs for shorter cut-off lengths exist in the ongoing block of cutting jobs. If they exist, the cutting job is changed automatically until no more cut-off pieces can be cut from the existing remnant.
              • Diagnosis of performance and energy consumption
              • Recording and display of the current data of performance and energy consumption based on non-recurring measuring values for basic functions as well as the calculation of motor performance of all drives during the running process.

                  Scope of Supply

                  • KASTOmicut A 2.6 including the described standard and optional equipment
                  • KASTO control for sawing machines SmartControl
                  • Infinitely variable cutting speed 65.62 – 360.89 ft/min (20 – 110 m/min) via frequency regulated drive
                  • Infinitely variable and fully hydraulic saw feed control
                  • Material feed via precise servo-controlled ball bearing spindle
                  • Multiple feed up to 393.66 in (9999 mm), short cut lengths are positioned by an incremental feed
                  • Saw blade breakage protection
                  • SpeedControl (monitoring of minimum speed)
                  • Continuous hydraulic horizontal full stroke vices
                  • Continuous machine roller conveyor with 8 ball bearing transport rollers
                  • Cutting Height Detection via Material Sensor
                  • Slide for removal of cut-off pieces
                  • Infinitely variable miter adjustment (-45° to +60°) in semi-automatic operation
                  • Coolant system with two coolant nozzles
                  • Synchronously running chip removal brush
                  • Infinite adjustment of the movable blade guide arm
                  • Clearance stroke system (contactless retraction of the saw blade from the cutting slot after end of cut)
                  • Machine enclosure according to the latest CE criteria
                  • Electrical protection of the saw blade covers (accident prevention rules)
                  • Glue anchors to dowel the machine
                  • Bi-metal saw blade, 4/6 teeth per inch
                  • instruction manual according to DIN EN ISO 12100, see KASTO delivery terms

                    We will be pleased to advise you individually if you require equipment which is not sold through the KASTOshop.

                    Technical Data
                    Cutting range:
                    Cutting range 90° round (⚪/⚫)
                    6.30 / 10.24 in (160 x 260 mm)
                    Cutting range 90° flat (W x H) (⬜) 12.20 x 10.24 in (310 x 260 mm)
                    Cutting range 90° square (⬛/⬜)
                    6.30 x 6.30 / 10.24 x 10.24 in  (160 x 160 / 260 x 260 mm)
                    Cutting range + 45° round (⚪) 8.66 in (220 mm)
                    Cutting range + 45° flat (W x H) (⬜) 7.87 x 7.87 in (200 x 200 mm)
                    Cutting range + 60° round (⚪) 5.51 in (140 mm)
                    Cutting range + 60° flat (W x H) (⬜)

                    5.51 x 5.51 in (140 x 140 mm)

                    Cutting range - 45° round (⚪) 9.45 in (240 mm)
                    Cutting range - 45° flat (W x H) (⬜)

                    7.87 x 10.24 in (200 x 260 mm)

                    Cutting range - 45°square (⬜) 8.27 x 8.27 in (210 x 210 mm)

                    Material feed length, individual cut 19.69 in (500 mm)
                    Material feed length, multiple feed 393.66 in (9999 mm)
                    Smallest diameter to be cut 0.394 in (10 mm)
                    Shortest cut-off length individual cut and automatic operation 0.236 in (6 mm)
                    Shortest remnant length individual cut 1.18 in (30 mm)
                    Shortest remnant length automatic operation 2.36 in (60 mm)
                    Dimensions and weight

                    Length x Width
                    83.46 x 113.58 in (2120 x 2885 mm)
                    Height, saw head lowered position
                    66.54 in (1690 mm)
                    Height, saw head in highest position  80.31 in (2040 mm)
                    Material support height 37.40 in (950 mm)
                    Total weight 2866 lbs (1300 kg)
                    Performance characteristics:
                    Total power 3.35 HP (2.5 kW)
                    Saw motor, power – frequency controlled 2.06 HP (1.5 kW)
                    Cutting speed infinitely variable – frequency controlled         65.62 – 360.89 ft/min (20 – 110 m/min)
                    Dimensions of saw blade:  125.20 x 1.06 x 0.035 in (3180 x 27 x 0.9 mm)
                    Saw blade guides: carbide guides, interchangeable
                    Material clamping: hydraulic
                    Cutting feed: hydraulic
                    Saw blade tension: mechanical
                    Saw blade cleaning: by synchronously running, easy to interchange wire brush
                    Coolant supply is through two adjustable nozzles.
                    Volume of coolant tank approx. 55 l,
                    pump capacity 16 l/min
                    Light grey RAL 7035, structural painting
                    Anthracite grey RAL 7016, structural painting
                    Pure orange RAL 2004, structural painting

                    Electrical equipment: In accordance with DIN EN 60204. Supply voltage 440 Volt, 60 Hz. Control voltage 24 Volt, DC. Upon request other voltages at additional cost.

                    Type of mains: TN mains according to IEC 364/VDE 0100

                    Protective measures against indirect contact: Over-current protector (zero balancing).

                    The mains supply of the operator (size and characteristic of the main fuse selected as well as the total impedance of PE and outer conductor in the supply line to the machine) has to be designed in such a way that the permissible shut-down time in the event of an error is not exceeded.

                    The use of a differential current switch in the mains in coming supply is not permitted.

                    Safety requirements: The offered machine corresponds with the valid safety requirements according to the machinery directive 2006/42/EG.

                    Cutting accuracy: On perfect conditions with perfect tools the deviation of cut is within ±0.1 mm per 100 mm cutting height with standard steel qualities. For material with a perfect geometric surface an accuracy of length of cut-off pieces in accordance with ISO 2768, degree of accuracy fine is achievable with individual bars and cut-off pieces longer 6 mm. When using uneven, twisted or burred initial material, the achievement of the mentioned cutting accuracies is restricted.

                    Infeed and Outfeed roller conveyor

                    Roller conveyor infeed side

                    3,5’ Infeed roller conveyor

                    • 41.73” (1060 mm) long, equipped with: 5 rollers Ø 1.97” (50 mm), width of roller conveyor 18.5” (470 mm), usable width 14.96” (380 mm), distances between roller centers 2 x 5.98” (152 mm) and 2 x 11.97” (304 mm), material support height 27.56” – 41.73” (700 - 1060 mm), carrying capacity 168 lbs./ft. (250 kg/m).

                    7’ Infeed roller conveyor

                    • 83.86” (2130 mm) long, equipped with: 8 rollers Ø 1.97” (50 mm), width of roller conveyor 18.5” (470 mm), usable width 14.96” (380 mm), distances between roller centers 2 x 5.98” (152 mm), 4 x 11.97” (304 mm) and 1 x 17.95” (456 mm), material support height 27.56” – 41.73” (700 – 1060 mm), carrying capacity 168 lbs./ft. (250 kg/m).

                    Roller conveyor outfeed side

                    3,5’ Outfeed roller conveyor with cover plates

                    • 41.73” (1060 mm) long, equipped with: 5 rollers Ø 1.97” (50 mm), width of roller conveyor 18.5” (470 mm), usable width 14.96” (380 mm), distances between roller centers 2 x 5.98” (152 mm) and 2 x 11.97” (304 mm), material support height 27.56” – 41.73” (700 - 1060 mm), carrying capacity 168 lbs./ft. (250 kg/m) and cover plates.

                    7’ Outfeed roller conveyor with cover plates

                    • 83.86” (2130 mm) long, equipped with: 8 rollers Ø 1.97” (50 mm), width of roller conveyor 18.5” (470 mm), usable width 14.96” (380 mm), distances between roller centers 2 x 5.98” (152 mm), 4 x 11.97” (304 mm) and 1 x 17.95” (456 mm), material support height 27.56” – 41.73” (700 – 1060 mm), carrying capacity 168 lbs./ft. (250 kg/m) and cover plates.

                    This sawing machine is particularly suitable for normally machinable structural steels and aluminum in round, flat and square form. Materials that are difficult to machine and plastics are only suitable to a limited extent. Occasional use in single-shift workshop operation is envisaged. The specified cutting ranges and performance characteristics must be observed. The use of uneven, twisted or burred starting material can severely impair the cutting accuracy. For more detailed information on the correct use of the machine, please refer to the operating instructions. Disregarding this area of application and/or General Terms and Conditions can lead to the warranty claims becoming void.


                    According to FCA (Incoterms 2020)

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